Five Internal and External Factors which Spoils the Beauty of Skin

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Skin gives external covering to the whole body and is the seat of the sense organs. The senses of touch, temperature, pressure and pain are felt by it. It is very essential to know the structure of skin before analyzing the causes which makes changes on skin. Skin is made up of multiple layers of epithelial tissue.

  • Epidermis is the topmost layer. The upper layer of epidermis contain dead cells which with time casts off and are replaced by fresh new cells replaced by fresh new cells produced by lower layer of epidermis called basal layer

  • Dermis is beneath epidermis and is made up of collage fibers which are responsible for elastic properties of skin. Sweat glands and Sebaceous glands are all present in dermis and get supply from subcutaneous tissue present below dermis. During puberty, sebaceous glands get activated and produce oil like substance called sebum.

Ayurvedic Herbalism is not of the east or the west, of ancient or modern time. It is a science of living that encompasses the whole of life, and relates the life of the individual to the universe.

"A knowledge that belongs to all living beings."

- Dr. David Frawley & Dr. Vasant Lad, 'The Yoga of Herbs'

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Benefits of Ayurvedic Face Cream

Ayurvedic face Cream acts gently without affecting the texture of skin. It has broad spectrum usage and maintains the moisture of skin. Ayurvedic face cream is rich in vitamins and minerals. It treats skin naturally and is suitable for all type of skin. Ayurvedic face cream is totally safe for skin as it does not contain any harmful ingredient. Roop Mantra Face Cream not only fights against skin problems like acne, pimples, boils, skin infection etc but also stop them from coming back, when used on regular basis.

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